Amber Gohar’s Monochrome Edit Is Gorgeous And We Are In Raptures!
September 25, 2019
amber gohar

Outfits that remind you of a classic black and white movie!

Black and white are universal colors that can make almost any silhouette look good. White signifies tranquility, grace and calmness. Black on the other hand represents elegance, seriousness and power. The yin and yang colors complete each other and both parts are equally important. One simply cannot exist without the other and these outfits are the true manifestation of exactly that!

As the name suggests Amber Gohar’s latest Monochrome Edit is all about black and white outfits. These ensembles are the perfect outfits for playing it safe because nothing can go wrong with dresses with a monochromatic color palette! Chic silhouettes, cinched waists, ruffles and trendy embellishments are the highlight of this collection. These dual toned outfits are initially black and have hints of white in them in the form of either patchwork or embroidery. These outfits all have modern silhouettes that will add class to your stature.

The minimalists dream come true these apparels are absolutely beautiful! Here are outfits in all their glory!

We hope that you loved these outfits as much as we did! Hats off to Amber Gohar!