‘Basic NOT Basic’ – Find Out What The Fuss Is All About!
February 26, 2021

The uber talented Hussain Rehar brings yet another fantastical collection our way.

True to the name of the collection, there isn’t anything basic about Hussain Rehar. Living up to his spontaneity in designing, Rehar plays by his rules only. The true creative force behind Hussain Rehar, is none other than his commitment to creating and upholding a strong identity for the brand and the vision to empower women. The uber talented young designer despite being a new entrant has brought bold and striking designs establishing himself as uncommon with a brilliant perspective. Each piece is a combination of hand crafted skills exuding itself as a high end fashion brand.

The sheer ingenuity behind Hussain Rehar has received an incredulous response from the people. A perfect example of Hussain is his latest collection launched today (February 26th) which titles ‘Basic Not Basic)’. In this collection Hussain identifies that according to him the word basic can mean anything and everything. With silhouettes like color blocked jackets, shirts paired with palazzos, floor length dresses, this doesn’t seem your average basic attire’. This does seem like the designer’s perfect twist on basic.

 Flashy tones and minute details seem to be Hussain’s forte. Eye catching embellishments on the front, turquoise florals layered in sequins and pearls, hand embellished dupattas, organza detailing, chunky motifs, all eye popping work. Introducing his very own collection of bags for the first time in his spring summer luxury prêt basic collection, we are anticipating the revelation. Matching to the collection or in contrast with it, we leave that up to you but Rehar has left no stone unturned to make his mark. Gear up for a brunch look in the snazzy palazzos, a dinner date in a blue quilted jacket with boot cut silk pants to boot or a breezy addition to day time looks, get the aqua floor length open front dress with lime detailing on the bodice. Plenty to choose from. Never a dull moment with Hussain Rehar in the picture that’s for sure.

Make your way through the basic not being basic as the collection is live now!

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