Copy Or Inspiration? Mansha Pasha Faces Heat In Her Latest Picture!
January 13, 2021

Is Mansha wearing a copycat design and is it really worth all the social media crossfire?

Mansha Pasha is one known for classy but sassy dressing sense. The ‘Muhabbat Tujhay Alvida’ actress has proved herself not only as an actor but has always maintained the girl next door image too. Always looking for a new trend to set, Mansha opts often for anything that makes her feel creatively inspired. This time around, once again she’s in the limelight and is trending on social media for all the wrong reasons! Mansha has landed herself in hot waters due to her recent incorrect fashion choice of being clad in a unicorn tie-dye satin top while draping a glistening saree underneath it.

The picture is all over the internet due to the fusion twist Mansha has given it and also because there seems to be a little controversy following it. An online clothing store Crazy Closet designed the top however, a New York based designer lirika Matoshi seems to have been the originator of that top. Once again, a celebrity has fallen on the wrong side by trusting their very own local designers. In every field, there are plagiarists be it media, film, fashion etc. In the world of fashion, disapprovingly enough, imitators and impressionists are everywhere, there isn’t much we can do about that but at least we can be fair and give an inspiration courtesy shoutout to the originator and save ourselves from the embarrassment on being called out.

Stars like Mansha Pasha have stylists working for them round the clock and it is their job to provide originality and authenticity to an actor/ actress. The trust put upon them should account for something. Sana Parekh who is a famous styler and has worked for Mansha in the past too, along with Ayesha Omar and many more, is responsible for the actress’ controversial look. Despite all the harsh comments and backlash we think it’s safe to say that Mansha looks absolutely adorable posing with her better-half in that unicorn saree and shouldn’t take the blame alone!