Did Rabab Hashim Steal Sarah Khan’s ZC Look For Her Nikkah?
November 30, 2020
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Who wore this Zainab Chottani ensemble better?

After Rabab Hashim’s nikkah pictures went ablaze on all social media platforms another news also started making rounds. Rabab looked ethereal on her big day as she opted to wear an ensemble by Zainab Chottani from the designer’s Intimate Wedding Collection. Now, the news which spread like fire was that Rabab Hashim copied Sarah Khan A.K.A. Mrs. Falak Shabbir from head-to-toe on her nikkah. From the choice of dress to the jewelry to the hairstyle and makeup all was in short stolen from Sarah. Okay, so taking inspirational notes from fellow colleagues or from someone else isn’t and shouldn’t be considered a sin that this much criticism should take part, to clear all people who are maybe unaware Rabab recreated Sarah’s look but it wasn’t a look which Sarah had created on one of her wedding functions. It was actually a recreation of a look from Zainab Chottani’s Initiate Wedding Collection’s campaign. The designer chose Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir for this series as the main leads (bride and groom) alongside other actors who played the characters of their families. The entire campaign and its concept and presentation was amazing. It featured a full family wedding complete with entourage and all the band, baja and baraat concept in play. The campaign was precisely for this reason, to give or present an idea to people that this is what it would look like and wearing ZC would be perfect for all the festivities.  

It is safe to say Rabab had her eyes on the ensemble and matched the look as it is because she actually got and felt the message being conveyed by the brand in their campaign. The jewels that Rabab adorned were by Heritage Jewelry whereas, Sarah wore Allure by MHT, both decked in emeralds. The styling was exactly alike with minor changes of course! For us both of them won us over as each has their own distinctive qualities that make the outfit what it is. It is the person wearing the clothes, never the attire itself!

What’s your take on this?