Everything On Bakhtawar’s Warda Saleem Bridal Ensemble!
February 13, 2021

Much ado about nothing.

There has been much speculation regarding the baraat dress of Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari. Rightfully so, as it indeed was beautiful. Warda Saleem clears up all the hearsay regarding Bakhtawar’s gorgeous gold ensemble in question. Since the designer herself, was interviewed, she laughingly said that the dress was embroidered with gold wire and diamonds. The unrealistic rumors that circulated, Warda had a good laugh at them.

She clarified that dedication and hard-work were the two key ingredients that went into the making of that dress. But rest assured it was made with all the locally based materials. The fabric was handwoven chiffon. Warda narrated that Bakhtawar was a dream bride and was so easy to work with. The bride had researched the designs and she knew what she wanted and it was easy to tap into Bakhtawar’s visual of what her bridal should look like. She liked the designer’s deftness in her work, this being the main reason why Warda Saleem was chosen.

Known as the queen of color, Warda and Bakhtawar decided the color story inspired by the ensemble that Benazir Bhutto wore for her wedding of gold, silver and ivories. Bakhtawar wanted an interpretation of her mother’s dress with her personality merged into it. The jewelry played an important role as Bakhtawar wanted to wear her mother’s jewelry which was sapphire blue. So the blue tones had to be used so that it matched perfectly. Being Warda Saleem, the team made an especially hand-crafted clutch, exquisite as it was but yellow, wedge wood blue, tea pink, all used minutely. It took 45 artisans to create the look and about 7000 hours it took for everything to be perfectly attained. Usually customization requires discussion and a direction needs to be set. With Bakhtawar, the trust endowed on Warda to take its own course was what the designer most enjoyed.

The freedom to express and design freely is what any designer wants and Warda Saleem got that chance. Having jumped upon the bandwagon she made sure it was worth both their while.

Warda also made two dresses for Asifa. One that she wore for her sister Bakhtawar’s mehndi and one on the reception. There you have it, the full story with all the rumors being put to rest. The making of the bespoke heirloom bridal ensemble for Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari.