Hussain Rehar Presents His Latest Collection ‘Nizam Begums’!
September 23, 2019
fahad hussayn,mohsin abbas

Things just got a little steamy for Mohsin!

Mohsin Abbas has been under the spotlight ever since his domestic violence scandal came out. His wife Fatima Sohail recently posted on social media that her husband Mohsin Abbas was not only involved in an extra marital affair but he had temper issues. According to Fatima, Mohsin has beat her up on multiple occasions and many people close to the couple had witnessed him unleash his wrath on his wife.

Following this scandal, the couture maestro Fahad Hussayn decided to cut all ties with Mohsin and decided to remove him from his latest fashion campaign “Guddi Wang” by Zeb Bangash. The video has recently been re-released without Mohsin Abbas’ parts. Fahad has done this because his brand believes in women empowerment and wises to take a firm stand against domestic violence in Pakistan.

This is what the brand had to say about Mohsin Abbas:

“Fahad Hussayn Couture as a brand stands against violence, harassment and gender discrimination, also is a staunch supporter of women empowerment and equal rights for everyone. Thus, the brand does not want to be associated with any alleged person who is involved in any activity that holds us back from improving as a society.”

Here is the fashion campaign post Mohsin’s removal: