FTA Presents Noir; Timeless Heirloom Pieces For All Ages!
January 6, 2021

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Farah Talib Aziz comes from a long line of experience and expertise. She is famously known for her eclectic haute couture and her prêt porter expansions. An internationally acclaimed designer boasting of her signature embroidery and baroque motifs thriving by and large, needs no introduction. A visionary and a legend to those affiliated with her work, she is an artist on her own accord. Her latest collection Noir, magnifies femininity, in her signature color palette bringing festivities to life. Modern silhouettes, unmissable detailing, featuring traditional, embellishments that make you a timeless bride.

Noir features dark romantic ensembles, stepping out of their usual floral spring inspired color palette, their ink jet black kalidars are nothing short of rooting you to the spot and gaping open mouthed at the gorgeous detailed neckline and sleeves. The signature chunri chaddar which is available in a myriad of hues drenched in kaamdaani in addition to hand-worked borders on all four corners is an opulence choice. The dark and dreamy lehenga choli is also all that, cut from plush velvet and decked in glistening gold handiwork, it is truly a sparkling black beauty. The blouse features delicate floral motifs accompanied by the signature silk chunri chaddar complete with all its aforementioned detailing is a knock out.

Although Farah cannot wander too far off from her signature style, her kattan silk lehenga embellished with gold motifs below a fully silk gold hand-worked shirt brings you back. On a canvas of thread work and a mirage of colors FTA manages to seduce our senses to classic pieces that modernize traditions and serve as cherished legacies for eons. Brilliantly and exquisitely Farah Talib Aziz has managed to internationally manage her brand and gain popularity far and wide. Her work not only boasts of elegance but her background in textiles has helped her along the way.
Our favorite however, is the kalidar with a bodice enhanced by gold handwork with magenta silk thread with graceful burnt orange tulle flair. The outfit really comes together with the dip dyed organza dupatta that puts it all together and completes the ensemble. The traditional silhouette is a keepsake and guarantees that you will be an unforgettable bride.

The collection is live now, scroll down and book your favorite pieces before it’s too late!