Let’s Add Chic Glamour With Basics From Aiman And Minal Khan’s Closet!
February 15, 2021

AnM Closet; the twin sisters to our fashion rescue.

Aiman and Minal Khan have always been the talk of the town. From them being twins to Aiman’s marriage and her Instagram followers to their projects they have always been under the spotlight. This time around they are on our radar because of their fashion. The twins had launched their own clothing brand a year or two back by the name of ‘AnM Closet’ and it’s making waves. The dynamic duo has been fashionably popular since quite some time. Known for their modeling and acting careers, the duets have ventured off on to fashion and opened their own store. Both have done wonders for Pakistani television. Aiman khan recently won best actress at the Hum Awards. For the billion fans, that Aiman and Minal collectively have, majority of those have always time and time again repeatedly shown interest in their dressing and style taste.

Both have always managed to look chic and spot on no matter what the occasion. Eastern or western, the twins know how to work it in either niche. The idea behind the ‘AnM closet’ is to provide people with comfortable, affordable and chic designs. Designed keeping the consumer and its needs in mind, the brand has received an overwhelming response. Their success so far shows that they are just as marvelous at being entrepreneurs as they are at acting. Their brand mantra is simple yet exquisite. Designed for everyday wear, work related affairs, casual meet-ups or intimate lunches, this brand caters to all. Their simple fusion of east and west is a considerably new but adored online venture. They have put all their efforts into making it a success and we wish them the best for all their future endeavors. Knowing them, they won’t be stopping any time soon.

They’ve given basics a whole different meaning and have added that extra chic and glam to it. Scroll ahead and take a look!