Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s ‘Kikli Kaleer Di’ Is An Ode To Punjab!
February 18, 2021

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Mohsin Naveed Ranjha seems to be sprouting love for everything colorful and festive. His collection ‘Kikli Kaleer Di’ is a representation of passion, celebration and sisterhood in its true essence. The collection embraces the true color of our region with signature embellishments that glare bright in metallic hues set on pure fabrics. The garments bloom in vivid hues of spring tastefully detailed with intricate handcrafted gota and tassel finishes. The collection in all its essence, scream Punjab, with its loud colors to boot. The silhouettes are all a reminiscence of simpler times.

‘Kikli Kaleer Di’ is basically taken from the traditional Punjabi dance/game where they hold hands and keep spinning round and round. It’s a funny poem from back when our grandmothers and mothers used to be little girls. It was a simple and pure era with games such as kikli kaleer di. The times narrated the simplicity of the games as there was no technology like today to keep the children entertained. MNR pays an ode to that simple time and brings back a glimpse of that in this collection of his.

From mehndi outfits to barat and walima, the multihued kaleidoscope that MNR paints, leaves us awestruck. The magnitude of his creations leaves little to the imagination. I remember our grandmothers in banarsi kharri shalwar and a short silk hued kameez matched with a dual tone dupatta block printed and embellished. These fond memories have been brought into the limelight by MNR. The once forgotten folklore has been made into a reality rather than a memory. From jaali bhari kameezain in burnt oranges paired with ghararas to kaalidars in the shades of green, kudos to MNR for bringing it all back. Gota vine embroideries, usage of marori and kacha tilla glimmers, it’s all about the details.

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