Nida Azwer’s Sheesha Taanka Still Not Dusted Even For This Season!
October 8, 2019
nida azwer,sheesha tanka

Let’s rewind and play Nida Azwer’s Collection Sheesha Taanka, a tribute to the ancient art of mirrorwork.

Sheesha Taanka is Nida Azwer’s take on our heritage mirrorwork. The talented designer has provided livelihood to many craftsmen in Sindh. Her beautiful formals and semi-formals are an absolute must-have. Bringing back the old world charm with this collection she has incorporated our heritage crafts like hand embroidery and sheesha work. Finished in different villages of Sindh in Pakistan where women still look up to these crafts as a means to earn money. The subtle art of “sheesha-work” has been passed down from generation to generation in these women.

What distinguishes this collection from others is the fact that modern silhouettes can be seen throughout the collection and special care has been taken to infuse the latest trends and styles in this collection to give it a contemporary touch. The detailing on these outfits is simply exquisite and will have you lost in the world of smoke and mirrors. The color palette in particular spans over monochromes along with a deep rouge. This collection also features a gray outfit with a dark pink dupatta that will make the perfect brunch or soiree outfit!

View the collection below and ladies try your luck if you can still find them up for grabs!

(P.S: We were lucky enough to get hold of our favorite ones!)

You can get these outfits now in Nida Azwer’s Atelier store now or even shop for them online!