Nomi Ansari: The King Of Pop “Color”
October 3, 2019

Because Nomi loves chasing colors!

The fact that Nomi Ansari loves playing with colors is no secret! It has been over a decade since he’s been in the industry. His designs are far from conventional and each creation is popping with color. His outfits personify the true colors of the world and are a tribute to vibrancy. Nomi tours the marketplaces of Pakistan to draw inspiration for his dresses. Which is why he is always able to capture the essence of different colors in his creations.

Even though his forte is bridal couture, prêt is also something Nomi works on every now and then. According to the wedding dress maestro, he loves showcasing his designs in fashion weeks because the world gets to see the extent of his true talent through these events. The king of color doesn’t always stay true to his name. On multiple occasions he has strayed from his usual color preferences and experimented with darker colors. But vibrancy remains his favorite sport to date. In terms of designs, his silhouette’s one of a kind! Each blouse has a unique cut and each lehenga is filled with his signature kaleidoscopic hues.

His bridal dresses are coveted by brides everywhere. Some of these dresses are so valuable that they’ve even been stolen from brides. According to Nomi himself, one of his bride’s dresses went missing and he and his team had to design the whole dress again from scratch in 15 days for her. Ever the perfectionist, Nomi prefers his designs to be ready for use by the client at all times instead of being a mere template. He also believes in keeping his workspace neat and tidy so that it gives off positive vibes instead of negative vibes. Here’s what he had to say about his store:

“Also, the store should have a character of its own. It should be able to take you to another level. Every texture has a story to tell and your own living space is very important; it should generate positive vibes. When there is negativity around you, it gets to you.” – Nomi Ansari

As for his personal life, Nomi plans to find the girl of his dreams some day and settle down with her just like the rest of us! Ladies, all he needs in life is someone he can converse with for hours with absolute ease! Now isn’t that dreamy? Nomi sounds like someone who can understand us and we would love nothing more than to have our wedding dresses designed by him!

As for the king of color’s future plan, he wishes to retire by the time he’s 55. He wants to purchase an elephant, 2 ponies, cats and dogs and even birds and live in a farmhouse with his pets. Ladies let’s just hope that the bridal couture maestro doesn’t retire before we all tie the knot!