Sania Maskatiya’s Zeenat Edit II Round Two!
January 8, 2021

Get your winter fix with Sania’s ‘Zeenat’, as it is here to stay.

With an unparalleled rise to fame, Sania Maskatiya has established her name due to her signature aesthetic sense. Maintaining a delicate balance between elegance and comfortable practicality Sania has given her customers a one stop-shop for couture and luxury pret.

Currently, her collection ‘Zeenat’ Edit II is the continuity of her festive formals. Featuring versatile silhouettes in both jewel and dark toned shades crafted beautifully in opulent materials. Embellished with quintessential embroideries and signature painterly prints and details, ‘Zeenat’ Edit II is live and in stores. And the good news Is this collection is not coming slow. With the success of the previous one, Sania has added a few more pieces to her second edition too. It is exactly what we need for the new normal in our lives. Despite people’s efforts, COVID-19’s second wave is not only deadly but has disrupted our social lives too. Without overdoing it, Sania brings some semblance of peace and fashion back to our paused lives.

Your options are…

Sania Maskatiya’s ‘Zeenat’ Edit II is the perfect description of chic formals and semi formals, for your intimate gatherings. Birthdays, parties, or just a fun night in with friends. This collection will have you sorted and set for life. These timeless, classic pieces will have your wardrobe transformed from normal to chic in no time. Looking for something unique yet fabulous? The raw silk short jacket which comes with a matching crepe slip with lace edging is a good option. Pair it with Sania’s signature boot cut pants and you are ready to go.

Looking sassy and chic was never easier. The embroidered abstract shirt is your best option. With a pair of culottes enables you to visit those high teas and bonfire nights with ease. If you’re still celebrating the new year or going to these intimate birthdays, we would recommend you what we love. The velvet off-shoulder top in deep mahogany is your next go-to outfit. Adorned with a silk thread embroidery trellis along with crystal touching elongating the neck line. With matching boot cut pants, you are ready to officially be the head turner of the party.

Also, for the all wedding after parties we have the perfect outfit for all you ladies who want to steal the show. The sensational charmeuse saree is an outclass and a one-off exceptional piece reeking of style, design, color and ingenuity. The drape is off the charts as it caresses the chest but ends up in the belly, pleated in like a saree but very jodhpur style!

We hope we have convinced you enough, if you want to take a peek into the other dresses then scroll down and see for yourself!