Spotted: Mawra Hocane Wears Faiza Saqlain On Her BFF’s Nikah!
December 31, 2020

Take style notes from everyone’s favorite!

The famous Hocane sisters have always been in the limelight for the good, bad and ugly. This time on our radar is the lovely lawyer who practices acting and has created a name for herself nationally and internationally. Don’t worry she’s not on our list for a comment she passed or some baseless controversy she was caught up in. This time it’s for her fashion choice. Everyone’s sweetheart Mawra Hocane was spotted looking totally ‘mawrellous’ wearing Faiza Saqlain on her best friend’s nikah.

Mawra looked spectacular in this ivory tulle pishwas named Gul-e-Naz. The meticulous and intricate hand-worked details in the shade of pink blended into the combination of ivory and gold just perfect. What not to be missed are those oh-so alluring floral details and pattern on the sleeves in pink and gold. We think this statement piece is what you need for a winter daytime wedding affair.

Take style notes from this diva and add this head turning Faiza Saqlain attire to your wardrobe.