The Newly Released Love Anthem That Is Taking The Internet By Storm!
February 10, 2021

Farhan Saeed and Asim Jofa collaborate to redefine fashion the musical way.

February brings with it, the sway of the melodious, ‘Pyaar Sufiyana’, sung by none other than Farhan Saeed. Asim Jofa, presents a whole new concept. Asim Jofa has taken fashion marketing on a whole new level by collaborating with Farhan Saeed and a melodious track that features the girl with the dimples, Hania Amir. Starting off with a poetic verse, Farhan is seen pining for Hania, in a thoughtful manner. Hania is seen in a gorgeous ensemble that only Asim could have come up with. The imagery, colors and craftsmanship overflowing relentlessly. They are seen doting on each other, in little ways that essentially matter the most.

A true romantic number done up just right. Hania’s dresses are all aesthetically appealing and picturesque. She paints a pretty picture on what we should expect. Farhan who has been pretty much MIA since his rumors of calling it quits with Urwa, looked quite good and fresh. Hania, our ravishing beauty with the dimpled grin was smiling from ear to ear. This song just proves that love is definitely in the air and that too fashionably! The song is all about love and how it is what connects us to the world. How without love, nothing would be meaningful. This song features Jofa’s, Rabt luxury lawn collection, worn in the video by Hania. The duo charm their way into the camera, with a sizzling chemistry, dressed to the nines. The video is a tribute to Jofa’s collection. The variety seen in the upcoming collection is vast and definitive for everybody.

Asim Jofa has always been a pioneer, all whilst, creating ripples in the fashion industry from time to time. The long withstanding brand has managed to overcome any and all obstacles and proven their worth. Well known actresses and personalities have been noticed to support Jofa’s new venture by announcing the upcoming collection and to stay put. All this media hype has definitely got our attention. Pre-booking in less than a week, February 16th to be exact, so mark your calendars and keep watching this space.