The PinkTree Company Presents Zeest In Wonderland!
September 17, 2020
The PinkTree Company,zeest

With weddings becoming smaller and intimate, we have just the thing for you

Fairy lights, frisking and frolicking around the grass, entering the tent and the carpeted ground, the sounds of those typical desi wedding playlist, making its way to your ears, adding that beat in your walk. As you make your way to the small but very loud group of people, you feel the charm. You feel at home, this is how weddings need to be.

While some have this ideology in their mind, The PinkTree Company takes care of what they should wear. Nobody likes to go big on a wedding that is only close friends and family. The subtleness of the event calls for something light, easy to carry yet gives you that glim glam that shadi wear is all about.

Low key, subtle yet bling with a bang. This is what the ‘Zeest In Wonderland’ is all about. Easy breezy silks, gossamer organza, decked out with intricate zardozi and urbane patterns look astounding in conventional and modern-day silhouettes. Vivacious colors cast a gorgeous spell and add glitter and glamour to not just the wearer but to events.

Have a looksie here and prepare to be amazed!