2020’s Round-up of Velvet Collection by Top Designers
December 30, 2020

These 9 Designers Set The Social Gatherings On Fire With Their Velvet Collections!

The moment we see the last leaf falling from the tree, is the moment someone else sees that little smirk on our face (exactly like the one we saw on Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series). I’m sure all the fashionista’s (in their head), must have gotten a hint and those who didn’t…well keep reading, as you’ve landed on the right page! Don’t worry you’re not in the latest sequel of the film alongside Mike Myers. Your smirk is all about the winter closet. How you’ll be taking out all those rich fabrics and making a style statement in the crowd.

Now, when we talk about winters and its fashion and style quotient, one name definitely pops up (not only in our mind but in all the minds of fashion guru’s as well) – velvet it is! This highly popular fabric has been a star throughout the decades, locally and internationally. No latest collection is complete without velvet. This chic, casual yet rich and luxurious fabric that makes its way into our closet every year around the same time. And it’s such a versatile fabric that one can wear over and over again, without having any fashion guilt.

In 2020 few ace designers caught our eye and throughout the season (and still) have been on our radar. We have been watching over their latest collections like a hawk, and literally jumping immediately to grab our favorite pieces before they run out! It’s a velvet galore, a mania which still is #trending like none other because these designers even are not coming slow. Scroll down and see for yourself, as we have shortlisted our top picks for you all.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha AKA MNR’s – Capri Cinema: A tribute to Lollywood’s Legacy

Farah Talib Aziz’s – The Velvet Jewel

Zainab Chottani’s – Makhmal

Rozina Munib’s – Meraki Velvet

Ansab Jahangir’s – Sofia

Sania Maskatiya’s – Zeenat

Farida Hasan’s – Winter Collection

Annus Abrar’s – Shireen

Amna Arshad’s – Raat Ki Rani