Zainab Chottani To Release Her First Ever Luxury Shawl Edition Today!
November 29, 2019

Zainab Chottani is about to release her luxury shawl edition for the first time ever today! She has created the most perfect shawls for the winter season and you should definitely see it! Add this classic winter accessory to your wardrobe this fall and watch everyone around you be awed by ‘you’re the air of sophistication’ these shawls give you. Set in deep winter hues such as auburn, teal, metallic magenta, bronze, effervescent sea green, marigold orange, fuchsia, cherry blossom pink, beige, rich plum, teal blue and burgundy. She has used the smooth fabric Jacquard karandi to make matching embroidered shirts with these elegant shawls.

These shawls remind you of embroideries that have long been forgotten by people. Such as the arabesque pattern in ancient Islamic arts and scrolls of paisley. Embroidered borders, medallions and intricate threadwork adorns these shawls and the general splendor of each piece will win you over!

Look at these beautiful shawls ladies!